Our pipeline is driven by our revolutionary research into immune response. Each product builds on our unique understanding of innate immunity and how this natural control can be used to destroy solid tumors, provide functional cures for chronic viral infection, and prevent disease.

Several of our pipeline projects are built on our NanoCherub® nanocomplex platform technology. This proprietary tool accelerates the creation of injectable and oral therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines. ASD253, ASD254 and ASD255 have all been developed using NanoCherub®.

ASD141 – Innate ICI for immuno-oncology

ASD141 is a novel, innate immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) that commands the innate immune system to coordinate a renewed attack on solid tumors. As a monotherapy, ASD141 shows statistically significant inhibition of tumor growth in animal cancer models. When used in combination therapy with adaptive-immunity-targeted anti-PD1 and anti-CTLA4 ICIs, ASD141 further decreased tumor growth and increased survival rates (in animal studies).

We are currently completing GLP toxicology screening and hope to start Phase I clinical trials by the first half of 2023.

ASD253 – Therapeutic vaccine for chronic HBV infection

Developed using NanoCherub®, ASD253 is a therapeutic vaccine developed against chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. Animal models have shown good safety profiles and 100% HBV S-antigen seroconversion in both hydrodynamic injection and AAV transduced HBV models.

ASD254 – COVID-19 preventative vaccine

ASD254 is a novel prophylactic RBD subunit protein-based preventive vaccine for COVID-19. When challenged with the live virus, all ASD254 vaccinated animals in AAV/ACE2 transduced mice models achieved 100% immune protection, with no detectable virus in the lung.

The immunized serum shows strong protection against the main variants of concern and the antibodies can persist for more than 52 weeks in mice.

ASD255 – Kras-based therapeutic vaccine for solid tumors

ASD255 targets cancers that are driven by K-ras mutations. With a single fragment of peptide, AH1, the initial tumor suppression of the cancer vaccine achieved comparable tumor suppression to the anti-PD1 in a syngenetic CT26 cancer model. Only several doses were needed to induce immune reactions compared to the routine injection required in current therapies.

Since ASD255 is a peptide-based vaccine, it will have a lower development cost and shorter manufacturing timelines.

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