Our versatile vaccine platform technology, NanoCherub®, stimulates a strong and sustained immune response that has the potential to prevent and cure infectious diseases, and reshape vaccines of the future.

The NanoCherub® platform produces balanced Th1/Th2 (cell-mediated) immunity across a range of antigens and uses quantum mechanics parameters to encapsulate antigens and form densely positive-surface-charged nanoparticles. Research to date on more than 60 antigens demonstrates NanoCherub® is a versatile and reproducible vaccine delivery system.

NanoCherub® vaccine pipeline:

HBV therapeutic vaccine

Peptide-based cancer therapeutic vaccine

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Developing a vaccine that stimulates a strong immune response

Designing a successful vaccine involves not only the selection of antigens, adjuvants, and delivery strategies but also manufacturing capabilities to produce them at scale. It is difficult to develop vaccines that stimulate a powerful immune response and are scalable because easily-manufactured vaccines such as small fragment peptides and mRNA are less likely to produce a strong immune reaction1.

The use of chemical adjuvant nanosystems in antigen delivery has played a major role in the development of novel vaccine formulations over the past few decades.2 Despite their widespread use, traditional chemical or receptor-based adjuvant delivery systems often produce weak humoral (Th2) immunity due to polarization of B cells and cytotoxic T cells, or are toxic in the body.

What is NanoCherub®?

NanoCherub® is a nanocomplex vaccine delivery system with an adjuvant-like effect that utilizes dense positive charges to produce a sustained, non-polarized immune response across a range of vaccines. NanoCherub® can be used for both injectable and oral therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines and reduces the need for booster immunizations.

NanoCherub® can be used with next-generation and classic vaccines as it boosts immunity of protein-based vaccines, peptide-vaccines, mRNA vaccines and whole inactivated virus vaccines3. NanoCherub® is easy to store due to the stable electro-kinetic forces that hold the nanoparticle together and the antigen will be safely protected from degradation enzymes.

How does NanoCherub® work?

By stimulating strong and dense surface positive charges on immune cells, NanoCherub® mimicks a virus-like pathogen that can trigger a more powerful immune response than traditional approaches4. After being injected into the subcutaneous tissue, the nanoparticle continuously releases micro-electric stimuli to the surrounding tissue and rapidly recruits immune cells to the injection site.

NanoCherub® uses quantum mechanics to calculate parameters for encapsulation of the antigen and they can be adjusted to suit any antigen, making NanoCherub® versatile across a range of disease areas and vaccine types.

The drug delivery system does not rely on chemical reactions or receptor-binding techniques used in current adjuvants and has achieved a balanced and robust cell-mediated Th1/Th2 immunity across a variety of vaccines in Ascendo’s preclinical data5.

The excipient materials used to create the nanoparticle are safe and biodegradable and recognized by major health authorities, United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This schematic illustration shows how vaccine products are formed by NanoCherub®

Protein or peptide antigens are displayed on the surface of the Nanoparticle. Other types of antigen will not show on the surface.

Why is NanoCherub® different to current approaches?

• NanoCherub® stimulates a strong and balanced Th1/Th2 immunity and is non-toxic.

• NanoCherub® uses precise quantum mechanics calculations specifically designed by an expert in quantum physics with previous experience working at the Hadron Collider at CERN.

• NanoCherub® is versatile because the electro-kinetic parameters can be adjusted to suit any antigen.


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